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Get to Know Us

We are Financial Problem Solvers. We work for you so you Do Well. Live Well.  

Because ... money does buy dreamsTM

Robert B. Lawrence, Jr. Photo

Robert B. Lawrence, Jr.


Bob is a well-known, engaging and down-to-earth financial adviser. As president of our Registered Investment Advisery firm, Bob and his team focus on clients’ financial well-being, goals and income for life, as well as their tax and risk exposures.

We Are Financial Problem Solvers.

For more than three decades, our clients’ dreams have been our focus. We develop plans to help people grow and protect their assets, reduce or eliminate taxes, retire with tax-free income for life, guarantee their basic income needs and realize their financial peace of mind.

We make the complex easy to understand. It’s your money. Your plan. In writing, and in terms you can understand.

We help you realize your goals:  Institutional money management.  Personalized retirement plans.  401(k) plans for businesses.  Deferred sales trusts.  The increasingly popular HENRY/FIRE plans for young professionals who dream of controlling their financial futures and retirement (how does TAX-FREE guaranteed money paid throughout retirement sound to you?). You control your money. 

Bob says that he’s the luckiest guy on the face of the earth. His motto: “Today, I get to change someone’s life for the better.” Today might be your day.

Because ... money does buy dreams™.

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